Love vs. Wilson

Chapter 5

by Michael. S Kenny

Sorry this chapter took so long, but as before, things are getting busy. Some of you had some questions, mainly, about the drugs Brian was taking and others of you answered, and from what I remember of the trial, you answered accurately. The only other question was whether or not the psychiatrist was a Landy man, and the answer is no. What was kind of interesting about the whole thing is that Landy was rarely mentioned. I asked Mike's lawyer if Landy was going to be there and he said he didn't know, but as it happened, Landy was never called to testify. I don't know, maybe some sort of deal was struck where he would be kept out of everything, though this suit only involved pre-1969 songs, though Brian's mental state was of concern. But on with the trial.

When we last left Brian was testifying for the first time, his answers were kind of all over the place in a way that you weren't sure whether he was helping himself or Mike. I got the impression that Brian was just being honest, telling what he knew with a little brainwashing there, but maybe not. Well, when he left the stand and court was adjourned for lunch, a bit of a ruckus broke out in the hall. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it seems as if Mike or Stan Love wanted to make contact with Brian and the lawyers stepped in and trouble ensued. From that day on the judge required that the guards always be around so as to prevent any more trouble, they usually sat in the witness waiting room, right outside the courtroom.

The next day proved to be an amazing one. Remember that some of the exhibits were large photo blowups and they hung around the courtroom. The most ominous one was that of Murray. It seemed to bother Brian, at least I thought so. Well Brian was on the stand and the questioning was just starting when Brian suffered what was called a mini-nervous breakdown on the stand. He just sort of collapsed and was taken out of the courtroom, into the witness room, and a recess was called. When the recess was over, Brian was unable to continue and was sent home, he didn't show up again for several days and the doctor was again ordered into court. I seems as if Brian goes to the therapist every week day. He vacillates on his moods and at times is good and at times is frightened of life. Mike's lawyer was getting uptight and saying that Brian was being drugged and a whole big argument broke out. I've seen lawyers argue in court and be friends outside the court. In fact, someone recently said that the were amazed that the lawyers on both sides of the OJ trial actually got along outside of court, but these guys hated each other with a passion. They would snipe at each other in the presence of the the judge and also when the judge wasn't there. Several times he told them that there was a time limit and that they were just wasting their own time. Mike's lawyer said that Brian had written an autobiography and had produced a solo album, so he was surely capable of being in court. The judge, who was always very kind Brian, gave Brian a few days and a weekend to come back to court. In the meantime, depositions by Carl and others were read to the jury.

Another comment which really ticked me off was when MIke's lawyer made a point of showing that that stupid Kokomo song had done really well and Brian's solo album had done really bad, thereby, showing that Brian needed Mike.

Brian returned to the stand a few days later and was describing verses and choruses and bridges and Brian's lawyers asked if it would be alright if Brian could demonstrate and the judge agreed. A yamaha portable keyboard was given to Brian on the stand. NOW THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!! There were more people in the gallery this day(maybe 8) than usual and you could just feel the excitement in the air. Brian had a cold, so he was having a bit of a hard time, but went on to do 409 and I Get Around. Everyone in the place was very excited including the jury. Brian explained what the elements of a song were and that sort of thing. It was just too cool. After this, Brian answered some more questions which turned out to be damaging testimony to his case. But that'll have to wait till next time.

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